2. ca-tsuka:

    From Doom Sayers commercial animated by Jonathan Djob Nkondo.

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  3. aqqindex:

    Robert Mallet-Stevens, 1917

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  5. aqqindex:

    Robert Mallet-Stevens, 1923


  6. maxhuffman:

    special delivery for tennell leffitt man detective


  7. transistoradio:

    Peter Doig (b.1959), Echo Lake (2000), etching and aquatint on paper, 21 x 26 cm, from Cubitt Print Box. Collection of Tate, UK. Via Tate.

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  8. lagrandguerre:

    September 22, 1914

    German submarine U-9 sinks three British cruisers, the Aboukir, the Hogue and the Cressy

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